'DuckTales' Artist Pays Loving Tribute To 'Castlevania'


Later this month, we'll be getting a double dose of Castlevania goodness in time for Halloween, between the second season of the animated Netflix series and the Castlevania Requiem collection for PlayStation 4, which will bring back both Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood better than ever before.

But that hasn't stopped a Disney artist from providing his own tribute to the series, based on the popular DuckTales series -- and we're loving it.

Vince Aporo, who serves as a storyboard artist for Disney TVA (and previously worked with Marvel Animation), has posted a new poster taken straight from the classic Castlevania game on NES, but has replaced both Dracula and Simon Belmont with some rather familiar characters from the DuckTales universe.

Instead of Dracula, we now see Magica de Spell looming in the distance, with lit-up eyes and fangs; and instead of Simon Belmont, there's Launchpad McQuack, with whip in hand. (Just gotta make sure he doesn't hurt anyone -- we know how this duck likes to fly his planes.)

Vince noted, "Since Ducktales season 2 is approaching, I thought I'd share an unofficial non-canon illustration I did last year. I love Castlevania, almost as much as I love Ducktales."

You can see the tweet and the poster below. And yes, we now want a print for the office.

It's a lovely homage to Castlevania, although a scenario like this isn't likely to happen within DuckTales season two. Unless, of course, Launchpad has a really weird dream in one episode. (You never know -- I mean, Darkwing Duck showed up out of nowhere last season, right?)


The second season of DuckTales is set to debut this month, bringing Scrooge McDuck and his young charges back into the fold on Disney XD. Meanwhile, Castlevania Season Two and Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood are both set to drop on October 26. We can't wait for these to make their debut!