The Duke Xbox Controller is Back and Available to Pre-Order

If you have big hands and a soft spot in your heart for the original Xbox controller knows as [...]


If you have big hands and a soft spot in your heart for the original Xbox controller knows as "The Duke", you can play games like it's 2001 again thanks to Hyperkin. The Duke is back for a whole new generation of Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10), and it just went up for pre-order at GameStop for $69.99.

The Hyperkin Duke controller is just as chunky as you remember, but it does have a new trick up its sleeve. The Xbox "jewel" in the center is actually an OLED screen this time around, and it acts as the home button and plays the original Xbox boot screen animation. You can see what this effect will be like in the early mockup below.

If you are unfamiliar with The Duke, you should know that it's like holding a steering wheel. Indeed, if you can't palm a basketball, you might not be ready for The Duke. Then again, nostalgia sells big-time these days, and The Duke is hard to resist in that respect. Plus, it comes with the full blessing of Microsoft.

We wouldn't be surprised if the Hyperkin Duke is hard to find when it's released at the end of March/early April so it's probably a good idea to secure one while you can.

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