Animal Adventures Adds a Witcher-Inspired Dog to Latest Kickstarter

Tossing a coin to Animal Adventures will now get you a doggie inspired by The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia. Earlier this week, Animal Adventures announced a new add-on for its ongoing "Secrets of Gullet Cove" Kickstarter campaign. Backers of the campaign can choose to purchase the "Tooth and Paw" add-on, which contains several new bad guys for their animal heroes to face. Luckily, the players won't be alone, as the add-on also contains a miniature for "Galter of Hexea," the White Wolfhound Fighter and a member of the Watchers. The shaggy wolf carries two swords on its back, has a jagged scar over one eye, and even has similar chainmail shoulder pads on its armor. It's a fantastic design and a perfect tribute to everyone's favorite Witcher.

Animal Adventures' Kickstarter has been a wild success, raising nearly $400,000 over the course of two weeks. This new Kickstarter not only features the highly detailed animal adventurer miniatures that we've seen in past campaigns, but also a full sourcebook with adventures and rules for playing as a cat or dog adventurer in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition games. Distributed by Steamforged Games, Animal Adventures is spearheaded by Russ Charles, the lead sculptor for Steamforged and the creator of memorable miniatures for Critical Role and many Steamforged games.


You can check out a close-up of Galter of Hexea's miniature sculpt below:

You can back the Animal Adventures Kickstarter campaign between now and February 11th. The base pledge is $54, and various add-ons are also available.