New Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds Over 100 Ready-Made NPCs

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement gives DMs over 100 new NPCs to use in or out of combat. Back in 2018, reported on Adaptable NPCs, a DMs Guild supplement that provided players with a plethora of NPCs to use in or out of combat. Recently, Grim Press, Trevor Armstrong, and Jeffrey Fischer released a second volume of Adaptable NPCs, adding over 100 new NPCs that can be used both in and out of combat situations.

Like the first volume, Adaptable NPCs II contains a mix of combat and non-combat oriented characters meant to challenge players in a variety of settings. From the Bungling Burglar who's not very good at his job to the Dragon Whisperer who negotiates with dragons on behalf of humans and other races seen as "beneath" the dragon, there are lots of great NPCs that can serve as allies, enemies, or simply forces in the world. Each NPC has its own monster statblock, plus a basic description that provides potential uses for the character.

One of Adaptable NPCs II's biggest strengths is how the supplement inspires storylines and sidequests. The Body Collector can be used as a low level villain that reanimates the dead, while the Visage can serve as a chilling portent for things to come. There are NPCs that can serve as high-level lieutenants to Big Bads, or potential allies willing to share otherwise lost information about the past.

In addition to the over 100 statblocks found in Adaptable NPCs II, the supplement also contains 12 short adventures that utilize various NPCs in the book and can be inserted into any campaign with minimal preparation.


Having NPC statblocks in your back pocket is always a good thing, especially if your players keep finding themselves in tense situations and can't seem to diffuse them. The NPCs in Adaptable NPCs II are ready-made to be the next obstacle or ally to your Dungeons & Dragons party, and could wind up being the inspiration for the next big bad your players have to slay!

Adaptable NPCs II is available on the DMs Guild for $19.95.

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