Amazon Leaks Next Dungeons & Dragons Book

Dungeons & Dragons is publishing a new campaign setting, set in the world of Critical Role. Earlier today, Amazon leaked the new publication - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, which will be a collaboration between Dungeons & Dragons and Matthew Mercer, the Dungeon Master of Critical Role. The new book is a campaign setting book for the continent of Wildemount and will contain new subclasses, new monsters, and new magic items originally seen in Critical Role. The book will also feature several introductory adventures to help kick off a campaign set in any part of Wildemount.

According to the Amazon description, Explorer's Guide to Wildemount will contain subclasses, spells, magic items, monsters, and more, rooted in the adventures of Exandria—such as Vestiges of Divergence from the first Critical Role campaign and the possibility manipulating magic of Dunamancy, which plays a major role in the current campaign. Several new mysteries and secrets will also be revealed in the book, providing more history and lore from the expansive world created by Matthew Mercer.

We mentioned last year that Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus made the Critical Role world of Exandria canon and this book officially "canonizes" one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons shows on the Internet. This also continues D&D's willingness to partner with some of the shows partially responsible for the game's upswell in popularity. Last year, Penny Arcade and D&D collaborated on an Acquisitions Inc. book, and recent adventures have featured characters from various shows.

We'll note that this isn't the first time Critical Role has gotten a D&D campaign setting book. Green Ronin published a Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting book that featured the areas explored in Critical Role's first campaign. We'll also note that the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting book was co-written by James Haeck, who has worked on just about every D&D adventure book over the last couple of years.


We'll get more information about Explorer's Guide to Wildemount tomorrow, when Dungeons & Dragons (and presumably Critical Role) officially announces the new book.

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