Dungeons & Dragons Announces New Chris Perkins-Led Show, Officially Cancels Dice, Camera, Action

Dungeons & Dragons has announced a new weekly show starring Chris Perkins, along with the official cancellation of Dice, Camera, Action. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons announced that their Twitch channel would be the home to a new show called D&D Presents, which will debut in early 2020. The show will feature Chris Perkins as the DM, with Anna Prosser, Nathan Sharp, Mica Burton, and Jonathon Indovino (better known as the YouTuber/Twitch personality ShadyPenguinn) as players. The cast of D&D Presents will appear on a panel this weekend at PAX Unplugged to debut their new characters and talk about the show.

The announcement of D&D Presents also came with confirmation that Dice, Camera, Action had officially ended. Dice, Camera, Action was previously the flagship show for D&D's Twitch channel and featured Perkins, Prosser, and Sharp on the cast along with Jared Knabenbauer and Holly Conrad. Dungeons & Dragons pulled the show off the air earlier this year after Knabenbauer became the center of an Internet firestorm involving a public and messy divorce from his wife and interactions with his fans that involved nude pictures.

Perkins is best known as the longtime DM for Acquisitions Incorporated, a D&D live show and podcast that starred personalities from Penny Arcade. Acquisitions Incorporated was one of the first and most popular D&D podcast/web series and Perkins gained a large following from his involvement on the show. Dice, Camera, Action not only crossed over with Acquisitions Incorporated, but also gained its own following as all four cast members ran successful Twitch and YouTube channels. Perkins recently turned over the DM chair to fellow D&D creator Jeremy Crawford and has only appeared as a DM for a game at the D&D Live 2019 event since the end of Dice, Camera, Action.


In addition to their busy work respectively hosting major events and recording music for shows like DragonBall Super, Prosser and Sharp remain active in the D&D community and recently launched the Cantrip line of streetwear, which features plenty of references to D&D and tabletop games. Burton is a cosplayer and web host who has made recent appearances on D&D shows Critical Role and D&D Live. ShadyPenguinn is best known for his YouTube videos about Pokemon, Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering, and has also appeared on several smaller D&D shows.

D&D Presents will stream its first panel this Friday at 2:30 PM on D&D's Twitch channel.