Add Fantastic Terrain to Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides over 50 types of unusual and magical terrain that adds a variety of effects during battle. Earlier this month, the Crit Academy podcast released Fantastic Terrain, a new Dungeons & Dragons supplement containing different types of terrain that can be added into dungeons or any other place where adventurers are known to roam. Hazardous terrains are a common part of exploration, but the Dungeon Master's Guide contains only a handful of traps and dangerous terrain types. Fantastic Terrain contains both dangerous hazards and magical terrains that provide boons to players.

In addition to terrains that injure players, Fantastic Terrain also contains several types of hazards that drain hit dice from a player's hit dice pool. Since players use hit dice during short rests, these types of terrains are meant to affect how far a player can explore before they have to stop for the night. It's a nifty rule, one that represents the danger of scaling a mountain or exploring some sort of extreme landscape without directly damaging a player.

Some of the terrain found in Fantastic Terrain includes blood rocks that cause warriors to go mad with rage, and dragon bones that corrupt the ground with vile magic. There's angelic lanterns that players can use to attack foes, and hallowed ground that increases the effectiveness of healing spells. Some terrains are caused by the vestigal magic left over by powerful magical rituals, while others contain the foul taint of corruption from evil creatures. There are different types of hazards for any environment, whether it's traditional environs like caves, mountains, or forests, or even areas touched by the Feywild, Shadowfell, or other Far Planes.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your D&D battlefields or dungeons, give Fantastic Terrain a try today. The supplement is available on the DMs Guild for $10.95.

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