'Dungeons & Dragons' Announces Next Publication: 'Ghosts of Saltmarsh'

Dungeons & Dragons is revisiting some of its most famous adventures in its next publication.

Earlier today, Amazon leaked (UPDATE: Pre-orders are live) the next Dungeons & Dragons publication: Ghosts of Saltmarsh. As hinted in past reveals, the new book will feature water-themed adventures along with new rules for ships and nautical travel. The book will also introduce readers to the town of Saltmarsh, which featured heavily in a trilogy of adventures that pitted parties against the machinations of the sahuagin.

The cover for Ghosts of Saltmarsh (seen below) shows adventurers confronting a sahuagin in a boat as a kraken attacks a ship in the background.

ghosts of saltmarsh

We knew earlier this month that the next book would include a remake of the Saltmarsh trilogy, when preview pages matched pages from "The Final Enemy." Similar to 2017's Tales from the Yawning Portal, the book will contain updated versions of classic adventures including "Salvage Operation", "Isle of the Abbey", "Tammeraut's Fate", and "The Styes." Interestingly, the listing for the book notes that the adventures can either exist as a standalone adventure or can be combined for an adventure that runs from Level 1 to Level 12.

Also included in the new publication are deck plans for various ships and an appendix of new and existing monsters. We'll also note that Saltmarsh is part of the Greyhawk campaign setting, which hasn't been formally introduced in 5th Edition play. Many of the adventures in Tales from the Yawning Portal also took place in Greyhawk, but the mention that Saltmarsh will be expanded upon in the new book teases that Greyhawk could play a bigger role in the future of Fifth Edition soon.


No price is currently listed on Amazon, but Ghosts of Saltmarsh is listed for a May 21st release. We'll have to see if hobby stores will get Ghosts of Saltmarsh two weeks early similar to past D&D adventures.

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