Terrify Your Players With Creepy New Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

A new Dungeons & Dragons adventure sends players into a horrifying Ravenloft funhouse. Creepy [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons adventure sends players into a horrifying Ravenloft funhouse. Creepy clowns have long enjoyed a place in horror, thanks to coulrophobia (a crippling fear of clowns) and pop culture phenomena like IT and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. And while Dungeons & Dragons usually deals mostly with gory monsters and cosmic horror, some clever adventure writers have found ways to sneak clowns into the Forgotten Realms and other campaign settings to freak out players. A new Dungeons & Dragons adventure published on the DMs Guild is one such tale - with players entering a funhouse in order to rescue several children from a wretched clown soul.

Happy Jack's Funhouse, by Remley Farr and Jeff Stevens, is a new adventure for 3rd to 6th Level adventurers. The adventure can take place in any campaign setting, although the central antagonist has ties to Ravenloft. Happy Jack suffered bullying and torment as a child due to his crooked nose and infamous surname. He eventually became a clown and a perfect target for a hag, who manipulated him into madness and provided him with a magical funhouse filled with strange traps and awful creatures. When players enter the funhouse to rescue some kidnapped children, they eventually face off against Happy Jack, who has loads of creepy variant abilities to make the encounter a bit more unsettling.

Included with the adventure is the Happy Jack's Rare Subclasses, a supplement that contains a Jester subclass for Rogues and a Clown subclass for Bards. My favorite part about the new subclasses is the Clown's ability to create sentient balloon animals that can be used either as servants or as distractions/force bombs in battle.

Happy Jack's Funhouse is a great adventure that can serve as a great sidequest or break during a main campaign. Everyone hates creepy clowns and this adventure gives players a chance to either beat up on one or learn that clowns are just people too.

Happy Jack's Funhouse is available on the DMs Guild for $5.95.