'Dungeons & Dragons' Honors Fan By Immortalizing His Character in New Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons is remembering a recently deceased member of the Dungeons & Dragons' community [...]

Dungeons & Dragons is remembering a recently deceased member of the Dungeons & Dragons' community by immortalizing his character in a new adventure.

Last week, Dungeons & Dragons released The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, a new adventure designed for players from Level 5 to Level 10. The adventure brings players to the famed Barrier Peaks, an area of the Greyhawk campaign setting first explored in the famous Expedition to the Barrier Peaks adventure released back in 1976.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was a mash-up of fantasy and science fiction, as explorers discovered a crashed alien ship that produced strange monsters. The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish is billed as an "alternate expedition" in which players will explore a strange planar ship used by a wizard to power his experiments.

The new adventure also features several items and spells created by a wizard named Galder. Galder is a new character to D&D lore, one with a touching origin.

Last month, a Redditor named "SomeHairyGuy" (real first name Laurence) posted on Reddit that he was dying of a rare form of cancer. He asked if there was a way for his character Galder to be officially added to D&D lore, similar to characters like Mordenkainen or Bigby, who all originated as player characters.

The request spawned an entire subreddit called "AdventuresOfGalder" along with several awesome spell and item ideas. Not only did the D&D community rally around the young man, many added Galder to their own campaigns as an NPC.

D&D creative franchise director Mike Mearls also reached out to Laurence and asked him what Galder's signature spell would be. Laurence made a post on Reddit detailing his spell ideas, several of which made it into The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish. Thanks to the D&D team, you can now use Galder's pipe to cast several spells once a day, or create Galder's tower to use as a temporary base.

Unfortunately, Laurence passed away last week around the same time that The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish was released.

The new adventure is being released via the DMs Guild website, which is used to release both official and third party content for D&D, and on D&D Beyond later this week. All sales proceeds will be donated to Extra Life, a charity that teams up gamers with children's hospitals around the world. D&D previously released the Tortle Package, which allowed players to create playable characters of the anthropomorphic turtle race.

The full adventure can be played over the course of 5-6 sessions, but there's also options for a shorter adventure or even an epic one-shot. There's also ways to tie the new adventure into a variety of different existing D&D adventures, including Tomb of Annihilation, this year's Waterdeep adventures, and Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica.

You can purchase The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish here for just $9.99.