Matt Colville Adds Kingdoms and Warfare to Dungeons & Dragons

A popular YouTuber is publishing a new guide that provides rules for kingdom building and inter-nation politics. Matt Colville is a prolific YouTuber and streamer best known for his series of "Running the Game" videos that provides a foundation for starting your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He's now raising money to publish Kingdoms & Warfare, a new guide that provides rules for turning your players into the rulers of their own kingdoms or other nationwide organizations, which comes with new complications and benefits. Kingdoms & Warfare is a sequel of sorts to Strongholds & Followers, Colville's first D&D publication that raised over $2 million on Kickstarter and focused on players building their own strongholds and attracting supporters and followers to their cause.

With Kingdoms & Warfare, players will be given rules to start their own domain, which can take on one of two forms. The first is a traditional kingdom, in which a player (or players) are responsible for a plot of land and everyone in it. If a player doesn't want the responsibilities of a traditional kingdom, players can alternatively found an organization like a Wizard's Order or a Church or a Thieves' Guild. Kingdoms & Warfare also comes with Titles that can grant players limited abilities and proficiencies that can help cover deficiencies caused by running a campaign filled with characters of one class.

Kingdoms & Warfare also expands the Warfare rules established in Strongholds & Followers, providing players with links between individual encounters and a massive battle. The rules allow players to build their own armies and test them against a foe, or showing how a party can turn the tide of battle in their favor.

In addition to Kingdoms & Warfare, Colville's new Kickstarter is also offering several new miniatures that tie into the various Courts and organizations found in his books. These creatures are unlike anything you've seen in a D&D game before and are great if you like unique miniatures.

A $25 pledge will get players the Kingdoms & Warfare PDF, while higher level pledges are available for those who want a hardcover edition. The Kickstarter has already reached its $300,000 funding goal and will remain open through November 21st.