Customize Your Weaponry (or Build a Grenade Launcher) With New Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains a comprehensive guide to crafting and modifying weapons and equipment, along with a new system to build bombs and grenades. Dungeons & Dragons' current Fifth Edition ruleset is deliberately vague on crafting weapons and equipment. Players have to be proficient in a certain set of tools, and then they typically work with their DM to determine a formula, a material cost, and an amount of time in which it takes to craft a certain object. For those who want something a bit more concrete when it comes to crafting, various creators on the DMs Guild have created fantastic guides expanding on D&D's basic crafting rules and making those rules a bit more fun.

For instance, Anne Gregersen recently released Ghesh's Guide to Making Things, a crafting guide written from the perspective of a genius kobold inventor. In addition to providing set costs and downtime needs for every piece of weaponry, the guide also explains how to upgrade existing armor and weapons with various modifications. These rules are intuitive, easy to learn and work within the framework provided in existing Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks to provide players with a balanced guide to crafting just about any kind of weapon they could imagine.

Of course, kobolds are more than just expert crafters - they also have a penchant for self-destructive inventions. That's why the second half of Ghesh's Guide to Making Things is all about the crafting and use of bombs and grenades. Not only can players craft custom bombs using the same general set of rules found earlier in the guide, players can also craft a grenade launcher to give their explosives some extra heft. Ghesh's Guide to Making Thing comes with over 20 different bomb types and grenades that are perfect for any player with an itch to blow up their foes...literally.

Gregersen has a gift for coming up with crafting rules and Ghesh's Guide to Making Things is a fantastic example of how the DMs Guild provides supplements that expands and enhances existing rules for players looking for more structure or more options. Ghesh's Guide to Making Things is available now for $9.95.