Dungeons & Dragons Releases Creepy New Subclasses for Playtesting

Dungeons & Dragons has released another set of new subclasses for playtesting purposes. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons released another Unearthed Arcana PDF, containing three new subclasses for the fighter, ranger, and rogue. These subclasses are the latest in a string of subclasses released by the D&D team for public playtesting. While these aren't official subclasses, the fact that Dungeons & Dragons keeps releasing new public playtest material is a sign that something big could be coming down the pipeline next year. The new subclasses include the Rune Knight fighter subclass, the Swarmkeeper ranger subclass, and the Revived rogue subclass.

The Revived rogue subclass is easily the creepiest of the three subclasses, as its designed for characters that have somehow returned from the dead. While they don't have memories of their past lives, the Revived have abilities stemming from their past experiences. At Level 3, players gain a skill or tool proficiency of their choice that can be swapped out after a long rest, and they no longer need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. Players can also lash out at opponents using necrotic damage. At higher levels, the Revived can speak with the dead, have advantage on death saving throws, and can teleport through the Ethereal Plane like a ghost.

The Swarmkeeper is a ranger subclass that has a magical connection to fey spirits that take the form of a swarm of small creatures. Players can use this swarm to deal out extra damage and move quicker or even gain a limited flying ability. At higher levels, players can use their swarm to scout or spy, and can create a sphere of spirits that attacks anyone that enters it.

The Rune Knight is a new fighter subclass built around using the rune magic of giants. Rune knights inscribe runes on their weapons and armor, granting them special abilities, and can imbue themselves with the might of giants, causing them to grow and become more powerful. At higher levels, players can also use runes to protect allies, and can even infuse their allies with their power. The Rune Knight seems like a fun option for fighters who want to have some minor magical abilities, or are looking for a deeper connection with giants.

You can check out the new subclasses here. If you try out one of the subclasses, keep your eye out on the D&D website, as the team will be collecting feedback about the new subclasses soon.