Chose Stephen Colbert's 'Dungeons & Dragons' Adventure for Charity

Stephen Colbert will be participating in a special Dungeons & Dragons adventure to benefit Red Nose Day. Earlier today, Critical Role announced that they'll be teaming up with Stephen Colbert for an upcoming one-on-one adventure to support Red Nose Day, an annual charity campaign to end child poverty. Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer will guide Colbert through an epic adventure, with key characteristics chosen by the fans. Those who donate to the Critical Role campaign will be able to vote on Colbert's character class, his epic weapon, his companion, and the villain of the adventure. The larger the donation, the more sway a person's vote will have on choices.

Since Colbert is participating in the adventure, the choices given to the players are understandably hilarious. Players can choose to have Colbert's character accompanied by his mother, or have the villain of the story be a bear, an animal Colbert has hated since his days on The Colbert Report. Players can also choose to make Colbert's character a bard, a sorcerer, a druid, or a barbarian (and early voting seems to heavily favor the bard.

Colbert is a longtime fan of Dungeons & Dragons, having played it as a kid, and the Critical Role cast has mentioned trying to get Colbert to appear on the show. While Colbert won't be making a full appearance on Critical Role, getting to watch him play in a solo adventure with Mercer (considered to be one of the most entertaining DMs in the world) should be a thrill to watch. The actual adventure will air on May 23rd.

You can donate to Critical Role's Red Nose Day campaign here and make your voice heard in Colbert's upcoming epic D&D campaign! More information can be found about Critical Role's Red Nose Day campaign on their website.



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