Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds New Monsters, Subclasses, and Magic Items for the Underdark

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides both player options and a handy guide detailing the Underdark that lays underneath the Forgotten Realms. The Underdark is one of the most iconic regions of Dungeons & Dragons, a vast series of caves and tunnels where some of the most dangerous monsters of D&D dwell. The Underdark is home to aboleths, mind flayers, and drow, and serves as the setting for some of the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons adventures. While the Underdark remains an important part of Dungeons & Dragons in Fifth Edition, only the Out of the Abyss campaign really features the setting in any capacity.

To help players learn more about the Underdark, Steve Fidler and a group of DMs Guild creators have published a new guide that contains both player options and lore about the underground realm. Amarune's Almanac: The Underdark is a 66-page supplement with two new subclasses, 20 new monsters, and a handful of magic items all related to the Underdark, plus detailed descriptions of five of the Underdark's most iconic locations, as narrated by the adventurer Amarune herself. This is the second volume of Amarune's Alamanac, following the release of a guide to the Forgotten Realms' forests released last year.

The two subclasses found in Amarune's Almanac are both keyed to the Underdark, and are perfect for players playing in a campaign that principally takes place underground. The Circle of the Dark druid channels the magical energy of the Underdark itself, adding various Faerzress surges to its magical spells, and transforming into beasts from the Underdark. Sharnbound rangers are rangers who act as agents of the Sharn, a collective of ancient beings who transformed themselves into sentient ooze-like beings to preserve their culture and work against other ancient forces.

The Sharn can also be found in Amarune's Almanac's monster section, along with other monsters like the angler worm, deep dragons, and the terrifying Phaerimm. There are also some clever magic items such as a skullcap made of mind flayer hide that protects players from the mental attacks of mind flayers, or an ooze amulet that reduces acid and poison damage and allows you to detect oozes.


Amarune's Almanac is a solid D&D supplement that both informs players about the Underdark and gives DMs plenty of tools for crafting an adventure set in this iconic D&D setting. Amarune's Almanac is available at the DMs Guild for $9.95.