'Dungeons & Dragons' New Board Game Revealed

Gale Force Nine has revealed their new board game tie-in to Dungeons & Dragons' next adventure.

The new board game is called Vault of Dragons and will tie into the new D&D adventure Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, which comes out this September. The game will put players in control of one of four unsavory factions searching for a hidden vault of gold hidden beneath Waterdeep.

The main game mechanic seems to be a battle for control of 12 location cards. Players send their followers to different locations to search for treasures and rumors and then battle with other players to keep control of those locations. While players are encouraged to fight the other players for control of key locations, they should also avoid the City Watch.

Dungeons & Dragons announced Waterdeep: Dragon Heist earlier this month as the first part of their big 2018 adventure. The new adventure is an urban heist in which players search for a hidden treasure horde in the city while avoiding one of four villainous factions. In Vault of Dragons, players get to play as one of those factions, which offers an interesting twist on the 2018 storyline.

Players can choose to play as the paranoid beholder Xanathar, the noble Cassalanter family, the underground Zhentarim network, or the drow Bregan D'aerthe mercenary group. From the promo image released of Vault of Dragons, it looks like each faction has its own abilities and benefits.


Waterdeep: Dragon Heist will have several other fun tie-in products in addition to Vault of Dragons. WizKids will release a new set of pre-painted miniatures based on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Gale Force Nine will likely release several premium unpainted miniatures of characters from the new adventure. Beadles & Grimm's is also releasing a premium box containing miniatures, battle-maps, and props to use with Dragon Heist.

Vault of Dragons will come out in late August and can be played by 2-4 players. The game will cost $50.00.