New 'Dungeons and Dragons' Warriors of Waterdeep Mobile Game Announced

Dungeons and Dragons is releasing a new mobile game later this year.

Ludia, the creator of mobile games Jurassic Park Builder and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends, announced a new collaboration with Wizards of the Coast called Warriors of Waterdeep. The game is set in the Forgotten Realms and will let players build and upgrade a small team of heroes to defend the iconic city of Waterdeep.

D&D only has one mobile game currently available - a mobile adaptation of the Lords of Waterdeep tabletop game. They previously released an Arena of War game in 2013, but that was shut down after just a year.

Players will choose a character from among 12 classes and 9 races, with a roster that includes at least one familiar face. Right now, the roster includes the following characters:

  • Shevarith — Human Wizard
  • Halbenet — Elf Cleric
  • Tommus — Halfling Fighter
  • Naomlen — Dwarf Rogue
  • Saarvin — Dragonborn Ranger
  • Farideh — Tiefling Warlock
  • Raika — Half-orc Barbarian

Farideh was previously the lead character of the "Brimstone Angels" novel line and her appearance in the game is loosely set after that series' finale.

Other familiar characters will also make appearances. Larael Silverhand, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, will give the players quests, while the Yawning Portal Inn proprietor Durnan will run the in-game shop. The infamous Mirt the Moneylender will also appear in the game to run card trades.

Gameplay is turn-based, with combat featuring a mix of combat and spells. Players can use cards to upgrade their characters, which they can obtain by either purchasing in card packs or from completing storyline chapters and beating certain bosses. Players can merge cards together to create powerful weapons or trade duplicate cards for new packs. Certain item combos can also be used to create individual and team synergies in combat.

A brief trailer showed classic monsters like dragons, ogres, and even a gelatinous cube as threats for the players to overcome. It appears that players will also be able to make storyline choices that influence which enemies they might face in combat.

The game will launch with a soft beta this spring, followed by a wider release later this year. Players can pre-register for the game on the Warriors of Waterdeep website.