Dungeons & Dragons to Release Three Unannounced Products in 2021

Dungeons & Dragons has confirmed that they will release a total of five products in 2021, [...]

Dungeons & Dragons has confirmed that they will release a total of five products in 2021, including three unannounced products. Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast's D&D Studio launched its new design blog, which is designed to provide a "visible and central voice" to the folks designing official D&D products. The first blog post was written by Ray Winninger, the Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons for Wizards of the Coast. The initial blog provided a basic rundown of what goes into the design of every D&D product, including a rough roadmap of how a product moves from pitch to a full published product.

One notable part of the blog was when Winninger discussed Dungeons & Dragons' 2021 plans. Winninger confirmed that there will be a total of five D&D "products" released this year, which includes the already released Candlekeep Mysteries and the previously announced Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. The other three products will include the traditional summer adventure book (similar to last year's Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden) and two additional products. One of these products was initially conceived by Winninger himself and improved upon by product lead James Wyatt, while the other is managed by product lead Amanda Hamon and was conceived by Hamon and several other studio members. Winninger also noted that Lead Rules Designer Jeremy Crawford is working with all the product leads to oversee mechanical content and rules development.

Winninger noted that the above products were the "major products" for 2021, but indicated that there would also be a few more additional surprises unveiled in the upcoming months.

While Winninger didn't provide any additional details about the upcoming products, it seems that D&D is keeping to its promise to release more products over the course of the year. During an investor call earlier this year, Hasbro noted that Wizards of the Coast would "increase the cadence" of D&D releases to capitalize on the game's current success. Dungeons & Dragons broke its own sales records in 2020 despite a global pandemic that saw heavy limits to social gatherings.

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