Dungeons & Dragons Announces New Field Guide, Release Dates for Remaining 2023 Books

Dungeons & Dragons has announced the release dates for its remaining 2023 books, with monthly releases occurring from August through November. Today, Wizards of the Coast announced that its upcoming RPG rulebook Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants would be released in August, several months after its originally announced "Spring 2023" release window. Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, the 2023 campaign book, will be released on September 19th, followed by the Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse boxed set on October 17th. The Book of Many Things will be released on November 14th alongside a new 66-card Deck of Many Things product. Also announced is The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons, a new field guide due for release on August 15th.

All of the newly announced RPG books will notably have a higher retail price of $59.95.

Full details about all five new books can be found below: 


Giants, by their size alone, are massively intimidating, but it is their magical, elemental, and mythic nature that makes them more than just oversized people. Described through the eyes and experiences of Bigby, the iconic wizard, and Diancastra, a demigod of the giant pantheon, the tome invites players to rediscover using giants as a character subclass, learning about their gods, religions, and social structure, and creating encounters that are gigantic in nature and scope.

Take a dive into new kinds of giants and enormous creatures that are sure to create humongous challenges and fun for any scenario. Peer into the depths of how giants create creatures of elemental or undead varieties. The gigantic bestiary included in this book contains 76 stat blocks, covering Challenge Ratings from 1/2 to 27.


Sure, it is in the name of the game, but how much do you really know about dragons? Dive deep into the lore, lairs, mannerisms, and more of dragons in the beautifully illustrated, The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons.

These winged beasts can be terrifying to behold, but the inner workings of dragon society, anatomy, language, and hoards will be a boon of knowledge to players and DMs alike. Updated lore and art create bold new ways of thinking of dragons, for example, by detailing where they live and what is their greatest enemy – often, it is another dragon! The perfect gift for fantasy lovers of all ages!


For fans of traditional dungeon crawls, harken back to the sleepy frontier town of Phandalin, where players can delve below the surface to find a dark and foreboding adventure. Phandalin was the setting for those who sharpened their teeth with the original fifth edition D&D starter set, but this time, DMs and players will find out more about the area and people for a fully crafted campaign.

It also ties into previous adventures as it deepens the mystery of strange obelisks found across Faerun. Is this location just another point on the map, or does it all center around Phandalin? The adventure will take characters from 1st to 12th level.


Longtime fans will likely remember Planescape, the critically-acclaimed and fan beloved setting from its TSR days in 1994 or as the massively popular video game, Planescape Torment, first released in 1999. This fresh, new campaign collection is comprised of 3 hardcover books, spanning an in depth look at the city of Sigil, the center of the Multiverse, an examination of the Outlands and the wild realms, a bestiary detailing the wild and fantastical creatures players will encounter , and an adventure like no other throwing players into a plot that threatens to undermine the rules of reality and the very fabric of the Multiverse.

Twelve factions will vie for power, challenging players to help or hurt the influence of those divergent forces. A Multiversal menagerie will present what appear to be familiar creatures, yet they are changed by their interactions with planar forces.

It also opens up the imagination since Sigil can link to destinations on other locations or planes throughout the Multiverse. Which world will players choose to explore next?

THE DECK OF MANY THINGS (releases on November 14)

Originally created in 1975, the Deck of Many Things is known for its power to create chaos and destroy worlds. The lore around the Deck of Many Things will be explored with new story elements around its creation, including the introduction of a new character and an explanation for one of the deck's most mysterious cards.

Those legendary 22 cards are back and ready to be used by players and DMs alike. In addition, the new Deck includes 44 additional cards that can be substituted in to customize the play experience.

The accompanying Book of Many Things will showcase new character options, magic items, adventure locations, monsters, and more – all inspired by the Deck.

An additional companion book provides advice and background to each of the cards. This guidebook shows how the cards can be used as a traditional oracle deck or to create adventures inspired by the cards. Let the imagination wander as you build a story that excites you and your players.