Andrew Yang to Play Dungeons & Dragons to Get Out the Vote

yang gang tiamat
(Photo: Andrew Yang/Wizards of the Coast)

Andrew Yang will play a game of Dungeons & Dragons to help fundraise for a Texas congressional candidate. Next week, Andrew Yang will join a group of actors playing Dungeons & Dragons to raise money for Donna Imam, a Democratic Congressional candidate. Yang will participate in the "D&D for Dems" fundraising event on Monday, October 12th, playing alongside Indian Matchmaking star Vyasar Ganesan and voice actors Erika Ishii and Zehra Fazal. The event is hosted by Asian Democrats Central Texas, Asian American Democrats of Texas, and AAAFund-TX. You'll be able to watch the event by donating $5 or more on ActBlue.

Yang, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, rose to fame last year with an Internet-friendly presidential campaign that included promoting a universal basic income. While Yang brought in support from young voters, he dropped out of the campaign in February 2020, but not before outlasting several prominent candidates. Yang has remained outspoken about various issues, including criticism over the WWE's labor relations and classification of its wrestlers as independent contractors.

Dungeons & Dragons has exploded in popularity over the last few years, especially due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced friends to find remote ways to play games and hang out together. Because Dungeons & Dragons requires only a set of dice, a character sheet, and either an audio or video chat, the game is a great way to connect with each other without actually being in the same room. Dungeons & Dragons streams have also been a great way to raise money for charity, although this might be the first time that folks have gotten together to play D&D to raise political funds.

The "D&D for Dems" event does come with a few qualifiers - to donate, you must be a US Citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident, be at least 18 years old, and not be a federal contractor. You can check out the full contribution rules on the ActBlue website.