Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role Announces New Full-Length Adventure Book

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Wizards of the Coast has announced a new collaboration with Critical Role - a full-length Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in the world of Exandria. Critical RoleCall of the Netherdeep is a new full-length adventure designed for Level 3 - Level 12 characters. The adventure will take players from the Wastes of Xhorhas to the oasis-city of Ank-Harel to a new sunken realm known as the Netherdeep, which is described as a mix between the Far Realm and a deep ocean. One of Exandria's twin moons Ruidus will also play a role in the campaign, "twisting the fates of those who have the power to shape the course of history." You can check out the cover of the book below:

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

"My co-leads, Matthew Mercer and James Haeck, have crafted a story that feels true to Critical Role while also being something that all D&D fans can enjoy," said Chris Perkins, one of the Game Design Architects of Dungeons & Dragons, in a press release announcing the new adventure. "The story has depth, and there's a wealth of setting information in this book for all the Critters out there. I can't wait to see how all fans play through the first hardcover adventure D&D has produced set in the world of Critical Role."

"Getting to bring a direct adventure book within Exandria to life is really such an exciting thing, especially exploring ideas and elements I've never been able to bring to a campaign myself yet," said Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer. "Working with such a talented team to develop and craft a tale like this is an absolute honor, and I cannot wait for folks to step into the unique mysteries and dark challenges that Call of the Netherdeep invites."

Call of the Netherdeep won't introduce any new player races or subclasses. However, it will contain new creatures, new magic items, and new mechanics for a rival party of NPCs. Additionally many elements of the campaign's storyline tie into the themes of previous Critical Role campaigns.  

Call of the Netherdeep will be available in stores everywhere on March 15, 2022 for $49.95. Pre-orders are live on Amazon now