Add New Kinds of Gelatinous Cubes to Your Dungeons & Dragons Game

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement adds over 30 new variants of one of the game's strangest monsters. Pyromaniac Press recently released The Cubonomicon, a new third-party supplement containing 32 different variants of the gelatinous cube, an iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster seen more as a joke and a sideshow than a true threat to anything other than beginning adventurers. The gelatinous cube was one of Dungeons & Dragons first monsters and were meant to act as a combination trap/monster while exploring the standard 10-foot by 10-foot hallways in underground dungeons. While the standard gelatinous cube is a 10 foot cube of semi-sentient ooze that slowly trudges through dungeons, consuming anything in its path, The Cubonomicon adds everything from cubes possessed by evil sentient swords to swarms of miniature cubes to a Dungeon Master's arsenal.

The Cubonomicon builds on the idea that even standard D&D monsters can have a variety of abilities and powers that can make them a threat to adventurers of any level. Most of the variant gelatinous cubes were mutated by either magic or adapted to unique surroundings. The Frigid Cube, for instance, lives in frozen climates and traps victims on its cold surface, where they eventually freeze to death or die of exposure. Other cubes have variant abilities, such as the Spitting Cube, which can attack its prey from either up close or from afar. There are also several alternate-shaped cubes, so players can encounter gelatinous pyramids, bubbles, or dodecahedrons as they explore a dungeon.

Gelatinous cubes are fun, iconic D&D monsters, but they can be hard to fit into any campaign once players reach a certain level. The Cubonomicon brings back the simultaneous whimsy and terror that gelatinous cubes were meant to evoke by ramping up their power without losing sight that these are just inexplicable cubes of moving goo that slowly trudge through a dungeon without purpose.


The Cubonomicon is available for $9.99 on the DMs Guild.