Blast Away Your Dungeons & Dragons Foes With New Animated Spell Cards

A new Kickstarter is raising funds to produce amazing decks of Dungeons & Dragons spell cards featuring animated backs. Hit Point Press launched the Kickstarter for their new "The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot & More" campaign. The new campaign will give backers a chance to buy sets of Hit Point Press's unique animated spell cards, which use lenticular lenses to produce an animated effect depicting each spell. Hit Point Press previously produced spell decks for lower level spells, and this Kickstarter will fund the remaining spell card decks and a brand new animated tarot card deck.

Spell cards are useful tools for any Dungeons & Dragons player that prefers to use pen and paper character sheets over resources like D&D Beyond. Players can pull out their cards in advance to reflect their list of prepared spells so they have the full list of spell effects, casting times, and other necessary information on hand. Hit Point Press's Decks of Many Animated Spells are among the best spell cards out there, as they are waterproof, over-sized, and durable in addition to having an awesome animated effect on one side.

Each card uses 8 different images for their animated effect, which gives the animation a very smooth and fluid look. It's not often that a lenticular printing lives up to a .GIF effect on the Internet, but Hit Point Press has really found a way to make these cards shine. had the opportunity to check these cards out last year at Gen Con, and they really do live up to the hype.

In addition to the standard spell decks and animated tarot deck, Hit Point Press's new Kickstarter campaign also has stretch goals to unlock production of Condition cards and special spell cards for spells found in Hit Point Press's popular Humblewood campaign setting. The campaign has already broken its initial $20,000 goal and will remain open until June 11th. You can check out the full campaign here.

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