Doctors & Daleks, Official Doctor Who RPG Using D&D Rules, Available Now

Doctors & Daleks, a new Doctor Who RPG that uses Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules, is officially available for sale. RPG publisher Cubicle 7 has officially started selling copies of the Doctors & Daleks Core Rulebook, with the Alien Archive and The Keys of Scaravore adventure coming out soon. All three books will also be available in a special Collector's Edition that includes a TARDIS-themed slipcase. Both the Core Rulebook (physical and PDF) and the Collector's Edition can be ordered or pre-ordered from Cubicle 7's website starting today.

While it might seem strange to play a Doctor Who game using Dungeons & Dragons rules, Cubicle 7 has created bespoke rulesets to help bridge the gap between combat-light sci-fi adventure and a fantasy game that's heavy on combat. Dungeons & Dragons' core classes have been scrapped in favor of classes made to fit personality types or approaches to solving problems. A Protector might opt to stand in between an enemy and their friends while a Charmer might try to talk their way out of a tough spot. "Combat" also focuses mostly on non-violent solutions, with Quips replacing spells and Plot Points replacing Hit Points. A character who runs out of Plot Points doesn't die, they'll just be incapacitated, which in turn can help keep the plot moving. 

The Core Rulebook also comes with a variety of technological tools that players can use during their adventures, rules on time travel and creating your own time machine (or borrowing a TARDIS if you dare), and guidelines for building an adventure that's based around the ideas of curiosity and pacifism. 

For those who are looking for a ruleset made specifically for Doctor Who, Cubicle 7 also has a line of Doctor Who Roleplaying Game rulebooks that supports every era of the show. Some of the rules from Doctor Who Roleplaying Game were modified for use in Doctors & Daleks, so jumping from one game to the other shouldn't be much of a problem. 

Doctors & Daleks is available for sale now.