Beef Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign With Dozens of New NPCs

A new Dungeon Masters Guild supplement provides DMs with 70 new NPCs to help or hinder players in their Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Earlier this week, Adam Hancock released Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard, a new publication that provides 70 unique stat blocks for NPCs that can be adapted for any campaign, along with tools to help DMs craft their own NPC statblocks. Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard contains everything from more traditional choices like a Balladeer or a Tavern Brawler, as well as more exotic options like a Chain Whipper or a Shadow Warrior. These statblocks are also highly adaptable - DMs can either use them for pre-existing NPCs or build new characters with these templates as a foundation.

In addition to the dozens of new statblocks, Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard also contains tools for creating your own NPC statblocks based on Wizards of the Coast's unofficial guidelines. Players can pick from four NPC classes that mimic those used by Wizards of the Coast, each with its own unique abilities and features that mirror those gained by players. The supplement also contain a number of racial features and abilities that DMs can use to customize their NPC blocks to better match the traits found in official NPC blocks or player stats.

One wouldn't think that NPC statblocks are in short supply in Dungeons & Dragons, but the intro to Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard notes that there are surprisingly few NPC statblocks in official Dungeons & Dragons material. There are only 232 NPC statblocks in official materials, and many of them have overlapping traits that even further limits their usefulness to DMs. Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard offers some much needed variety to DMs, and also gives them the tools they need to quickly craft their own NPC statblocks when the current options just don't fit with what they're looking for.

Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard is available now on the DMs Guild for $9.95.

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