Tanares RPG Raises Over $1 Million on Kickstarter

A tabletop supplement adapting the world of Tanares Adventures for Dungeons & Dragons has raised over $1 million on Kickstarter. The new Kickstarter by Dragori Games launched earlier this week and has raised $1.3 million in just five days. While the Tanares Adventures RPG uses Fifth Edition rules, Dragori Games is publishing a total of three books - a campaign sourcebook detailing the world of Tanares, an adventure book featuring a "non-linear" adventure for Level 3-12 characters, and a player's guide containing four new classes, new magic items, and several new rulesets. The RPG books feature work from a number of high-profile designers including Ed Greenwood, Amy Vorphal, Bruce Nesmith, and Skip Williams.

The Tanares sourcebooks are a continuation of a the Tanares world, which launched back in 2018 when Dragori Games published Arena: The Contest, a fantasy-themed board game that featured both a PvP fighting mode and a cooperative campaign mode. Last year, Dragori expanded on the world of Arena: The Contest with Tanares Adventures, a massive expansion that added dozens of new player options for both PvP and campaign mode. Part of the reason for the most recent Tanares Kickstarter's success is that it's offering several additional expansions as pledge reward options and add-ons. There are also options to purchase Arena: The Contest and Tanares Adventures at a below-MSRP value as well.

The Tanares Kickstarter is the latest high-profile tabletop roleplaying game Kickstarter to launch over the summer. Magpie Games previously launched a Kickstarter for an Avatar Legends TTRPG, which allowed players to run a campaign set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. That Kickstarter raised $9.5 million, the highest pledge amount for any tabletop Kickstarter ever.


You can check out the full Kickstarter for the Tanares RPG here. Backers can get all three tabletop RPG books for as low as $69, while various other pledges exist for either just the new board game content or a combination of both books and games.