Turn Tarot Cards Into Magic Dungeons & Dragons Items

tarot hed
(Photo: DMs Guild)

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides rules for converting a traditional 78-card tarot deck into magic items for use in your campaign. Tarot of Transcendent Treasures is a new 63-page DMs Guild supplement by Isaac and Ashley May that transforms a standard tarot deck into a full set of powerful magic items. The book presents a magical tarot deck, each card of which transforms into a different magical item upon discovery and activation. The Major Arcana cards - such as the Fool, the Magician, or the Lovers - all have powerful, artifact-like abilities, while the Minor Arcana cards range in power based on their card number. Some cards grow in power based on how many cards you have from the deck, while others have limited uses before they revert back to their card forms and "spirit away" to another part of the world.

While Dungeons & Dragons has several tarot deck stand-ins - the Deck of Many Things and the fortune-telling tarroka deck both come to mind - this product stands out by blending together the real-world tarot deck and potentially campaign-changing magic items. And while Tarot of Transcendent Treasures spends most of its time focused on the actual mechanics of the cards, it also provides enough of a backstory for those who want to make the magical tarot deck the focus of a full-length D&D campaign. To be honest, the deck's unique abilities feel particularly aligned with a campaign themed after Cardcaptor Sakura.

Given the bounty of gorgeous tarot decks available for purchase today, Tarot of Transcendent Treasures seems like a fun way to incorporate those decks into a campaign and really play up their meaning as either omens or inspiration for what's to come. This supplement provides a great foundation for what could be a unique D&D campaign.

Tarot of Transcendent Treasures is available now on the DMs Guild for $9.95. A print on demand version is also available.