E3 2023 Organizer Says Show is "Full Speed Ahead"

Over the last few weeks, there has been some concern that E3 2023 might not take place as planned. The in-person event is scheduled to take place from Tuesday, June 13th, through Friday, June 16th, but the reported absence of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox has led to some concern from possible attendees. Earlier this week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also stated that the publisher will attend the show "if E3 happens." Following our article on Guillemot's statement, E3 organizer ReedPop reached out to ComicBook.com to provide a statement affirming that the show will take place. President Lance Fensterman also teased that more information on the event is coming soon.

"E3 is full speed ahead and we are pleased with the progress and engagement from the community. As we have confirmed exhibitors we are eager to share more as details get cemented and participants ready their own detailed plans. In other parts of the ReedPop gaming portfolio we rarely release participants until close to the event but now will adjust our style to the E3 way as we can," writes Fensterman. "We will be sending our first round of media and content creator registration approvals today and will have news to share in the next few weeks on some of the exciting new additions to the Remastered E3 2023."

For decades, E3 was regarded as the most important yearly event in the video game industry. E3 became the biggest showcase for developers and publishers to feature what they had in the works. However, the show's overall importance had started to wane as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox began to shift their focus towards their own digital events, instead. The coronavirus pandemic also contributed to E3's struggles.

It remains to be seen whether ReedPop can return E3 to a place of relevance in the industry, but the organizer has seen a lot of success with events like NYCC and Star Wars Celebration. Hopefully the organizer can bring back E3 in a way that can entertain both those in attendance, and those watching from at home.

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