Snoop Dogg Blasts EA Sports in Hilarious Video After Servers Go Down

Snoop Dogg is, by far, one of the most vocal and visible figures we have in the gaming world. We love Snoop for evangelizing the brand of West coast swing that hip-hop needed to crawl into the headphones of music lovers around the world; we love him for being such an outspoken hockey, and football fan; and we love him for being such a passionate gamer. When Xbox Live goes down, we usually hear from Snoop, and yesterday Snoop blasted EA when its servers went down:

Xbox live. 🤷🏾‍♂️. @xboxone.x

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You can't help but laugh. Snoop is like the ultimate comments section EA Sports fan, only when he gets pissed off and decides to throw EA some shade, hundreds of thousands of people actually hear it and pay attention. Nothing lights a fire under your ass quite like a pop culture icon calling you out for server issues, right?!

For those of you in a public place who can't watch the video due to language, here's a convenient, censored, transcription for you to enjoy: "Ay yo EA Sports what's going on man? Yall's server went down you got a bunch of motha f**kas mad right now, and I'm one of 'em. Fix this s**t man. What the f**k is going on EA? Fix the server man, we're trying to play online right now; y'all got us all f**kin clogged up like the freeway. Is this the internet or the f**kin' 405 freeway?! Get it together EA Sports!"

The best part of the entire video is the unending ribbon of smoke unraveling in the background, and pushing into the screen. We get some grade-A attitude, some hilarious cursing, and enough smoke to make even the viewers cough; it's everything we want in a Snoop Dog video. The only thing we're missing is a cameo from Dr. Dre.