Earlier Tomb Raider Announcement Has Hidden Meaning


Earlier this week, Square Enix made a ton of Lara Croft fans happy when they officially announced that a new Tomb Raider game was in the works. The official Tomb Raider Twitter account posted a message from the team giving the good word, and we now know that we can expect a huge reveal in 2018:

Turns out that the message might not be just a heartfelt update, but actually may house a hidden secret. Esteemed video game historian Liam Robertson took to his own Twitter account to clue fans in on the potential double meaning behind the wordy post. As he mentioned, "I thought something was off about the way they worded this. The first letter of each sentence spells out "Shadow" when put together. Shadow of the Tomb Raider!"

He wasn't the only one to notice either ... over the past few days, more and more fans have been pointing out the odd wording choice with its hidden message. The original reboot back in 2013 was called simply Tomb Raider, with the follow up 2015 title Rise of the Tomb Raider. Could we be seeing a 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider? It could be likely, especially given the earlier leaked documents speaking of an unannounced Shadow game in the same franchise. The documents were originally documented on a subway ride when one nosy fan happened to see the logo on a fellow rider's computer. Thank god for nosy people (but we're also sorry, at the same time).


The next step for Lara Croft doesn't have a release window at this time, but at least now we know it's coming!