Ed Boon Shares Classic Behind-the-Scenes ‘Mortal Kombat 3’ Video

Gaming has come a loooooong way over the past two decades. We remember when it was a much simpler time, when the motion-capture process was all about capturing actors in front of a green screen and bringing them to life in game. Yep, the Mortal Kombat process.

And thanks to NetherRealm creative director (and Injustice 2 head honcho) Ed Boon, we’ve got a good idea of what that era was like. He recently posted a tweet showing an interesting behind-the-scenes look at Mortal Kombat 3, in the mid-90’s. And it’s a true blast from the past.

The video was originally shared by 80Level, a site that specializes in sharing the work of CGI, game and VFX artists, and thanks to them, we got a dose of 90’s goodness that showcases some of the actors that are featured in the game. You can watch that video below.

The video runs about two something minutes in length and provides a detailed look at some of the characters, like the actress portraying Mileena, as well as a closer look at Jax. Yep, his “mechanical” arms, too. If you look closely, you can also catch a glimpse of Boon in action as well.

Then we get a look at Kano, and his motion capture, as well as the work that went into his detailed mask and laser eye. It’s actually an intricate process (for the 90’s, anyhow), but it’s pretty sweet nevertheless. Nightwolf shows up as well, bad eye make-up and all.


More than likely, we’ll see some of this footage -- and a lot more -- in Josh Tsui’s upcoming Insert Coin documentary, which looks at the glory years of Midway and the games it worked on. You can see the trailer for said documentary below, and follow the official Twitter account here.

Here’s hoping we see more Midway goodness from “back in the day” soon, because, boy, we’re feeling nostalgic. Where’d that copy of Mortal Kombat 3 run off to…?