Elden Ring Wins Game of the Year at The Game Awards

Elden Ring has won Game of the Year at The Game Awards. 2022 had a lot of great games, but there were only a handful that were truly "Game of the Year" worthy. The nominations were extremely solid and also varied, meaning there was a game for pretty much everyone. However, two of them were some of the most anticipated games of not just the year, but possibly the first phase of this generation. Elden Ring was announced several years ago and had a lot of hype driving it thanks to everyone involved. God of War Ragnarok was the sequel to the 2018 Game of the Year winner and one of PS5's most hyped games, so it was clear the race would come down to those two.

However, Elden Ring won the Game of the Year award. Given Elden Ring had more time on the market and dominated the talk of the industry for months on end due to its amazing gameplay, incredibly world building, and more, it managed to make a significant imprint on the industry. It also helped that it launched on a ton of platforms, where as God of War Ragnarok was limited to just two and came out a month ago. There is a bit of a theory that projects that release closer to awards season are more likely to get awards given they're fresh in people's minds, but it didn't seem to matter in this instance. Elden Ring is almost one year old and still managed to sweep, even outside of claiming the fabled Game of the Year award.

It's also rather impressive that it won given it's also part of a fairly niche genre. Although the game had a ton of success, Elden Ring is still an incredibly challenging game that can easily put players off in its initial hours. However, many were committed to taking its challenges head on and it seems it was well made enough to really leave a lasting impression on the industry at large.

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