Elden Ring Player Shows Off Easy Way to Beat Radahn

Elden Ring players are still discovering new ways to beat enemies big and small over a month after the game's release, and one of the newest strategies showcased this week involves making Radahn beat himself. That's right – you can make the proud, star-controlling, gravity-defying boss plummet right to his death and earn yourself some easy Runes as well as the Great Rune owned by the boss and the opportunity to get his armor and weapons, too. The only catch is that you have to get him to half health first, but that's a much easier task than asking someone to take a boss from 100 to 0.

The anti-Radahn strat was shown off on Twitter by a player who goes by izuoku_ there and shard the video below (via PC Gamer). There's no text associated with the tweet, but we see everything we need to from the brief clip showing part of the Radahn fight.

The trick here is to first get Radahn to half of his health. How that happens is up to the player and their loadouts, but even if you don't have the best Elden Ring build, you can still whittle him down quickly enough by using things like bleed damage, spells, or the many summons that litter the area.

For the plan to work, however, you'll have to make sure Radahn is focusing you once he leaps up into the air to begin phase two of his fight. Simply head to the edge of the map – this player went to the southeast part of the arena – so that you're right on the edge of the water. The player used their Wonderous Elixir to mitigate incoming damage and healed up while Radahn prepped his divebomb attack so that it could be withstood once it connected. While the player takes just a bit of damage, Radahn casts himself off the edge of the map and loses the rest of his health immediately.

This likely isn't the first time this has happened in someone's Radahn fight, but it's one of the first notable time that it's been shared online like to give the strategy more attention. Some will say this isn't "beating" Radahn, but anything can be considered cheesy in Elden Ring depending on how you look at it, and all that matters is that the health bar gets depleted and you get his goods.


Radahn got nerfed not long ago, but it appears some of those changes were accidental ones. Another update reverted some of the unintentional adjustments to make him a bit more challenging once more, so if you're having a hard time with him, consider this strategy instead of a toe-to-toe fight.