Elden Ring Secret Makes Players Rethink Everything

Fake walls in Elden Ring are a staple of FromSoftware's games, but it appears at least a few walls in the new RPG are even faker than they appear. Players have discovered this week that there are some walls in one particular area of Elden Ring which take a whopping 50 hits before they're broken down so that players can see what they hide. Many players are convinced that this is some sort of bug that shouldn't be happening at all, but many are also wondering what other "secret" walls they might've missed elsewhere throughout their journeys in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring player and Redditor teristam shared the clip below on Friday that showed them standing in a passageway within Volcano Manor, a location players pay a visit to during what could be considered the middle of the game. The fiery mansion is filled with doors that require keys, one-way approaches, or smacks of your weapon to access, but it looks like there was a wall which eluded even the savviest explorers.

Apparently there is a hidden wall in Volcano mansion that will only open after 50 hits from Eldenring

After hitting the wall 50 times, it disappears to reveal another way into the room where several NPCs reside. Upon visiting the same location in Volcano Manor and hitting that wall, I can confirm that it does in fact break down after you strike the wall enough. Some hits didn't connect squarely each time, so I didn't get it in an even 50, but it certainly took a lot of swings.

Andrew Goldfarb who handles communications at Sucker Punch Productions found another wall down the way from this one that also broke, so it seems Volcano Manor may have more secrets than initially expected.

Prior to breaking down the walls, the archways certainly make it look like these spots could be secret doors, but it's never taken more than one hit – let alone 50 hits total – to break down fake walls in Elden Ring. That combined with the fact that the walls just disappear abruptly instead of fading away like other fake walls do has led players to decide this interaction was unintended.

It's probably better to think that way anyway because the alternative is that there are tons of other walls throughout Elden Ring that require numerous hits to break down. It's something that'll be on the minds of players during subsequent playthroughs when a suspicious wall is spotted, but since it's most likely a bug, you're probably safe to stick to the one-hit test like normal.

If you want to see this wall for yourself to believe it, head to the Volcano Manor Site of Grace and then to the long hallway to the west. Take the first door on the right, smack the wall in the back-right corner to reveal the legit illusory wall, and head into the open room with the snail enemies. Go through the iron gate in the back-left corner, head around the bend in the hallway to the area where multiple snails hang on the ceiling, and you'll see the archway in question.