Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats the Game in Under 5 Minutes

Against all odds, an Elden Ring speedrunner has found a way to beat FromSoftware's latest action-adventure game in under five minutes. If you find yourself wondering how this is even possible, well, there are a number of caveats that come with this feat. Still, the achievement on its own has currently set a new world record that other Elden Ring speedrunners will surely now try to best. 

The user in question who happened to set this new speedrunning record for Elden Ring goes by the name SeekerTV. In shorter, SeekerTV implemented a number of glitches and bugs to advance to the late stages of the game more quickly. This is a tactic that a number of other Elden Ring speedrunners have also been using, and it's perfectly allowable since this is categorized as an any% unrestricted run. In short, this term just means that as long as the end credits are reached, then any bugs, glitches, or other odd tricks that can be used are fine to implement. 

You can watch SeekerTV's full run for yourself in the video below if you're interested. 

As you can see, this speedrun of Elden Ring is very much unlike any other playthrough of the game that you would see. In fact, there's really no fighting or exploration that takes place whatsoever. Instead, SeekerTV implements a number of prompts in very specific areas of Elden Ring to launch themselves to some of the late game areas. 

Additionally, it's worth noting that SeekerTV also continued to quit out of the game every time that they opened up a door to cut down on the time it would take for the door's animation to fully complete. As such, this led to them reaching the end credits at a final time of 4 minutes and 58 seconds, which is nothing short of unreal. Whether or not this record will be broken any time soon remains to be seen, but other players will now surely be running for this time. 

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