EA: Motive's Mystery New Game Takes Budget Priority, Projected 2022 Release


Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen took the spotlight during the 27th Nasdaq Investor Conference to discuss future plans for the mega publisher. During his time on stage, he discussed the status of BioWare's Anthem, as well as a little more insight into EA Motive's mystery IP.

With confirmation that Anthem will be release before March 31st 2019, Jorgensen moved onto the new IP under Motive. With Jade Raymond at the helm, Jorgensen alluded to a much later than anticipated release, with an estimated timeline sitting April 2020 through March 2022. With the initial projection slated for 2021, this is fairly indicative of the latter end of that timeframe.

The Chief Financial Officer also clued investors in on how much of the companies resources are going to the new IP. With so many different franchises in the works, including several AAA titles, the 25% budget allotted solely to their "new ideas" was a little surprising, but does offer hope that each project will have adequate resources to avoid another Mass Effect: Andromeda fiasco.

Another interesting takeaway from his panel is that even though EA doesn't see many of these "new ideas" see the light of day, their new focus is to have brand new IPs in the works at all times. A large issue many long-time Mass Effect fans had was that it seemed like the publisher abandoned the highly anticipated title in favor of Anthem - which only became more highlighted when veterans of the franchise were moved solely to Anthem with new hires at the helm of Andromeda. With the renewed attention to new IPs without clear direction, for many players that could be a little alarming. That being said, EA has made some huge power moves, especially this year, with aquiring new studios which gives more able-bodied hands concepts to work with.

All in all, it seems like EA has quite a few big plans for the coming years, and with more resources than ever before. Time will tell what comes of the mystery IP, as well as the anticipated launch of the brand new Anthem title.