Elite Dangerous Adding New Player Groups Called Squadrons

The popular simulation game Elite Dangerous has a few exciting things lined up for players on the [...]

The popular simulation game Elite Dangerous has a few exciting things lined up for players on the horizon. Frontier Developments recently revealed that they have quite a few goals they are looking to achieve this year, the most exciting being the addition of Squadrons.

Squadrons are large mobile bases that players can utilise centered around fleet carriers, which are ships that can be purchased. These mobile bases will serve a pragmatic purpose; allowing Elite players to refuel, stock up on gear, and respawn when needed.

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From the Twitch announcement above, the Squadrons will also be organised into hierarchies. Because of this infrastructure, there will be game mechanics in place to ensure adequate means of communication between players, as well as the appropriate tools needed to manage those within the hierarchy itself. The implementation will make sense, however Frontier did not specific what those tools would specifically be during their announcement.

The video above starts the new announcement around the 1:16:00 mark, where Frontier also talks a little bit about other updates coming to the game as well. While squadrons are looking to be added this year, there are a few other additions on the way as well as regular game updates still in place.

Frontier has a larger scale update planned for 2018 that will grant a huge buff to law enforcement ships by outfitting them with upgraded weapon systems and a more aggressive presence in-game. In addition to the increased law enforcement, there will also be a few new ships on the way as well, including the Chieftain as seen in the image below:

(Photo: Frontier)

Pilots will also be receiving a news service that they will be able to access while in flight, as well as other general enhancements to the game as a whole. The team has plans to overhaul the mining system in the game while continuing to better the title's graphics and audio experience with more and more planned updates.

Elite Dangerous is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.