Elon Musk Wants Minecraft Playable in Tesla Cars

Minecraft is playable on pretty much every platform by now, but it’s not available as one of the limited games people can play in a Tesla vehicle. Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, would like to change that, however. He’s been vocal about his support of Minecraft in the past, particularly where discussions about games played in Tesla vehicles are concerned, and he’s once again voiced his support for having the blocky game playable in his creations. He took to Twitter recently to ask about the possibility of getting Minecraft working in Teslas and even entertained the idea of a Pokemon Go-like game that could be played while driving.

Musk’s comments about getting Minecraft into Teslas were shared on Twitter recently after first complimenting the legs of Minecraft. He continued to ask if anyone thought they could get a “good multiplayer Minecraft working on Teslas.”

Those who’ve followed Musk’s tweets which occasionally reference video games will recall that this isn’t the first time Minecraft has been talked about. Musk mentioned the game before and called it “high priority” in the list of games hoped to work in Tesla vehicles. Roblox was also up there with Minecraft.

Musk clarified in his latest tweets about Minecraft in Teslas that he wanted the multiplayer experience to be an online one, presumably similar to how Minecraft is played now.

What’s perhaps more interesting than the idea of playing Minecraft in a Tesla is the other idea Musk had in the same tweet. He pitched the idea of a game like Pac-Man or Mario Kart that would use Teslas themselves to play the games. Augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and others similar to it that as players to go to different locations are always opposed to people playing in vehicles, so the idea of a vehicle-based game working out is a bit harder to imagine than getting Minecraft into Teslas.

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