Tesla Holiday Update Will Add Stardew Valley

Tesla owners will soon be able to play yet another game using their vehicles’ displays now that Elon Musk has announced Stardew Valley is releasing as part of holiday update. The high-tech vehicles already have a few different playable games included, some of them retro while others are newer, and the holiday update is a prime example of this with “Stardew Valley, Lost Backgammon & a few other things” included, according to Musk.

The Tesla CEO tweeted about the holiday update on Thursday to share some of the first details about what’s coming to Tesla vehicles. Musk’s tweet also included an interesting detail about the FSD (full self-driving) “sneak preview” which probably means a lot more to Tesla owners than new games being added to the vehicles, but that all depends on how big of a Stardew Valley fan you are.

Musk’s tweet can be seen below where he listed some of the details of the “holiday software update.” Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the lead developer of Stardew Valley, retweeted Musk’s tweet about the holiday update to confirm that the collaboration between the developer and Musk is indeed happening.

People responded to the announcement in turn by saying that they’ll have to get a Tesla now to complete their Stardew Valley collections since the game is available on multiple platforms. Others joked that they’ll be able to play the game while the Tesla drives itself, but if this game works the way the others do which it most likely does, you’ll only be able to play Stardew Valley when the vehicles are parked.


Classic Atari games were among the first to be announced for Tesla vehicles with other games like Cuphead coming later. The full Cuphead game isn’t playable though with only part of the full product added to the Teslas in a past update, so it’s unknown how much of Stardew Valley will be playable.

People already thought that the new Tesla Cybertruck looked like it belonged in a PlayStation 1 or Nintendo 64 game anyway, so the fact that the vehicles are getting more games just works out perfectly.