Epic Games Store's Next Free Game Is a Popular AAA Release

Just as it does every Thursday, the Epic Games Store today revealed the next slate of titles that [...]

Just as it does every Thursday, the Epic Games Store today revealed the next slate of titles that will be free on the storefront in the coming week. As luck would have it, this next week's slate is marked by the arrival of not merely one, but two free releases, with one of the offerings being a notable AAA game that launched not too long ago.

Going live next week on February 18, Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are scheduled to be the next games coming to the Epic Games Store free of charge. In the case of the former title, Rage 2, the id Software-developed shooter only launched back in 2019 and was praised by many as one of the best games in its genre the year it released. It's rare to see AAA title like this hit the Epic Games Store, which means this is one game you shouldn't miss out on.

As for Absolute Drift, while the game might carry less name recognition compared to Rage 2, it's incredibly well-received by those that have played it. The game first released all the way back in 2015 and sees playing trying to become "a master at the art of drifting." In simpler terms, Absolute Drift places you in control of a car where you must race against the clock and rack up a high score. The game's main mechanic then centers around, you guessed it, drifting. The better you get with implementing it, the higher scores you'll be able to obtain.

In the interim, this week's free game is Halcyon 6 which just became available this morning. Much like every week, Halcyon will be free until next week at 11am EST on Thursday, February 18th. After that time, Rage 2 and Absolute Drift will then become the free games available while Halcyon goes back to being available for its typical fare.

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