Epic Games Store Makes New Game Free for Limited Time

Epic Games Store just made another PC game free for all users of the storefront. More specifically, anyone with an Epic Games Store account can now download Death Coming for free. No strings attached. The only requirement is that downloads be completed by the morning of May 14. Once May 14 strikes, the game will return to normal price and be replaced with another free game. At the moment of publishing, Epic Games Store hasn't revealed what this new free game will be, but it's teasing it as a "mystery game," suggesting it's going to be bigger and better than normal.

As for the game itself, Death Coming debuted back in 2017 via NEXT Studios to a decent critical and consumer reception. At the moment of publishing, 90 percent of Steam users have reviewed the game positively across nearly 2,500 reviews. As a result, the game has a "very positive" rating on the storefront.

In the game, you help Death -- from the perspective of God -- complete his daily tasks of killing and collecting souls. Whether it's right or wrong.

"You Died. Pure and simple, but death was not the end," reads an official pitch of the game. "You have become an agent of Death: a Reaper. You have the powers of Death, but there are rules in this supernatural afterlife. The Reaper ends lives, but it cannot control humans directly due to the Free Will Clause. As the Reaper, you must plan and execute your killings by using the environment to your advantage. In the meantime, be wary of Minions of Light, who will try to save humans from their grim fate!"


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