3 Free Games Now Available on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store's has not one, not two, but three new free games for all store users on PC. More [...]

Epic Games Store's has not one, not two, but three new free games for all store users on PC. More specifically, from now until March 17, you can grab the following three games for free: Mutazione, A Short Hike, and Anodyne 2: Return To Dust. And that's it. There's no strings attached. As long you're an Epic Games Store user -- which costs nothing but an email account -- you can download, play, and keep all three games.

That said, make sure to download the games before March 17, because after this period, they will return to normal price and be replaced with a new free game: Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft. As you can tell via the trailers below, none of the three games are as big or notable as Watch Dogs, however, they've all replaced within the past year and all have been received relatively warmly.

Below, you can read more about all three games, as well as watch trailers for each:

Mutazione: "A mutant soap opera where small-town gossip meets the supernatural. Join Kai as she arrives in the mysterious community of Mutazione to care for her ailing grandfather. Discover scenic hangouts, magical gardens, new friends, and old secrets..."

A Short Hike: "Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak. Follow the trails or explore the backcountry as you make your way to the summit. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you."

Anodyne 2: Return To Dust: "Run, jump, and drive across vast, dreamy 3D landscapes. Shrink into surreal, 2D dungeons inside of characters' bodies. Travel the world, meet strange people, and save the world from the dangerous Nano Dust."

For those that don't know: Epic Games Store gives away at least one free game each week. Most of the time, these games are smaller, digital-only titles. However, sometimes they are bigger and more notable like Watch Dogs. And unlike some free game offerings, these are yours to keep in your Epic Games Store library forever.

That said, if none of these games tickle your fancy, don't worry, there's plenty of new releases that may. You can check out all of these new games via our latest Out This Week.