Epic Games Store Adds Itch.io and Other Apps

Epic Games has officially added a bunch of new PC apps to the Epic Games Store today. In addition to the music streaming service Spotify, Epic Games Store users can now grab the indie game marketplace itch.io, web browser Brave, music streaming radio app iHeartRadio, model generator KenShape, and digital painting app Krita. Notably, while some of these are free, KenShape costs $3.99 and Krita is $9.99. This marks the first major expansion of PC apps in the Epic Games Store, which has also led to the launch of a new App Page for it.

While exact details on what folks can expect to be added in the future have not been revealed in full, the official announcement does include a note about two apps that should be added in the near future. "You can expect to see more amazing apps added in the future, including our own face-to-face social network Houseparty and the Community-driven communications app Discord," the official announcement reads in part.

For those concerned that perhaps the fact that a game marketplace like itch.io launching in the Epic Games Store could mean that revenue from itch.io ends up with Epic Games, that would appear to not be the case. According to Polygon, an Epic Games representative confirmed that itch.io is entirely its own thing once it launches from the Epic Games Store and that Epic Games will not take a percentage of those sales made within itch.io.

As noted above, itch.io, Brave, iHeartRadio, KenShape, and Krita are now available via the Epic Games Store on PC. They join Spotify, which previously was added to the digital distribution platform. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Epic Games Store right here.


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