The World of Everdell Grows With Two New Expansions

The innovative tabletop game Everdell is expanding with two additional expansions. Earlier today, [...]

The innovative tabletop game Everdell is expanding with two additional expansions. Earlier today, Starling Games launched a Kickstarter to fund two new expansions for its popular city-building tabletop game Everdell. The Spirecrest expansion will add a mountain board to Everdell, with Big Critter workers, new weather and Expedition mechanics. Meanwhile, the Bellfaire expansion gives each type of Critter meeple its own special ability, an optional new 2D board that replaces the Great Tree, optional rules for 5-6 players, and new player boards to help players keep track of their resources, workers, and organize their own city.

Starling Games first released Everdell in 2018, earning praise for its high quality artwork that conveys a peaceful and laidback atmosphere even when competing. The game is a unique hybrid of worker placement and city building games, in which players send off adorable animal workers to collect resources in order to build the best city. Players can either play cards from their own hand (spending resources to do so) or they can take cards from an open marketplace that any player can access. At first, players start in the late Winter with only a pair of workers, but they gain workers and resources as they cycle through seasons. There are a variety of ways to score points, and players are limited by the number of buildings and residents their cities can have. This leads to surprisingly balanced rounds where players will need to think on their feet in order to win.

Everdell released its first expansion - Pearlbrook - earlier this year. Pearlbrook added a new Pearl resource and a special Frog ambassador that players used when diving into the pond board that came with the expansion.

Everdell fans can obtain the new Spirecrest and Bellfaire expansions by backing the new Kickstarter. A $25 pledge will secure a copy of Bellfaire, a $39 pledge will secure Spirecrest, and a $64 pledge will get players both new expansions. You can also grab all four Everdell games by pledging $168. The Kickstarter has already raised over $350,000 in its first day, and the new expansions are expected to ship in early 2020.

You can check out the new Everdell Kickstarter here. The Kickstarter will remain open until October 3rd.