Evo 2022 Lineup Revealed

Evo is back this year following the cancellation of last year's showcase, and now, we know of the lineup of games contestants will play during Evo 2022. The Evo organizers revealed that lineup on Tuesday following a tease from the end of February that hyped up a special Evo stream geared towards this year's event with a reveal of the lineup promised then. A total of nine games have been revealed so far with some of the more obvious titles included in the lineup along with the noticeable absence of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The lineup can be seen below courtesy of the Evo Twitter account where it showed all nine games that'll take part in the competitions. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Tekken 7, The King of Fighters XV, Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore will be the games people compete in and those that viewers at home will be able to watch during the event.

As for when you'll be able to watch these fights unfold, you can expect to be able to tune in to Evo 2022 in August. The event is scheduled to run from August 5th to August 7th with registrations open now for those who want to participate.

While all of these games here are ones that the fighting game community are well acquainted with by now and have plenty of reasons to be part of the event, the one big game missing from the Evo 2022 lineup is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or any other game from the Super Smash Bros. series. Back when the Evo organizers said that they'd be holding this lineup reveal event, they also announced that Nintendo had not decided to let the Super Smash Bros. games be part of the event this year.

"Since 2007, we've seen historic Super Smash Bros. moments created at Evo's events," the statement from the Evo organizers said. "We are saddened that Nintendo has chosen not to continue that legacy with us this year. In the future, we hope to once again celebrate the Super Smash Bros. community alongside them."


Evo 2022 will be held in August with more information about competitions and the lineup to be shared at a later date.