Ewin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review: Quality and Comfort

Ewin Racing’s Champion Series gaming chair makes for a superb part of any office or gaming area [...]

Ewin Racing Gaming Chair2

Ewin Racing's Champion Series gaming chair makes for a superb part of any office or gaming area setup and sets itself apart from your typical chairs, though it does have one or two quirks that are noticeable after spending some time with it.

Built with a steel frame that's wrapped in memory foam, all of that set on top of an aluminum base, the Champion Series gaming chair is a sturdy piece of furniture that's as well-built as it is comfortable. While some office-style chairs and other pieces of furniture can be a chore to put together, assembling the Champion Series chair was relatively simple by comparison and shouldn't take more than half of hour.

Once you use the chair for the first time, a number of things become apparent. For one, the construction of the seat and tall backrest is made in a way that wraps itself around anyone who's sitting in it. The cold molding foam has some give to it to form around anyone anyone who uses the chair, but it's also firm enough to avoid making you sink entirely into it.

Ewin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair

There's also a lumbar support pillow resting at the point where the high-back piece and the seat meet, a pillow that's large and comfortable enough to make you realize instantly realize that your sitting posture probably isn't what it should be. The lower pillow can be moved around to find the perfect setup, though there are really no adjustments needed to start benefitting from it. The way it ensures and supports proper posture while gaming or working is an effect you'll feel during long stretches of sitting down, and your back will thank you once you eventually must get up.

At the top of the backrest is another pillow, though this one isn't nearly as useful as the lower cushion. The intent of it is to give you something to rest your head on, but compared to the lower pillow, it's not nearly as beneficial. It's a much smaller means of support that you'll likely end up adjusting every time you sit down to get it in a comfortable position, and even then, it's easy for it to fall out of place. After personally trying to leave it attached to the chair to get used to it, it'll likely end up being removed soon since it has a buckle on the back to either snap it on or take it off.

The armrests offer quite a bit of flexibility to accommodate different needs while resting in the chair, but this part of the chair also doesn't seem to mesh well with the rest of the design. With a 4D adjustable build, the armrests and be moved side to side, forward and back, up and down, and can even be swiveled to either point inward or outward depending on how you'd like to rest your arms. The flexibility of the settings is appreciated – multiple people who sat in the chair commented on how the armrests felt one way or another but were pleased and surprised to see how adjustable they were – but the range of movement they offer makes the armrests wiggle just slightly regardless of what position they're in. The many possible settings the armrests support is a solid feature, but with a polyurethane surface and a slight rattle that makes them feel like they're never fully set in one position, it seems like they just don't match the standards set by the rest of the chair's features.

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Aside from the few points where the chair could be improved, Ewin Racing's Champion Series gaming chair still feels like a solid contender for a part of someone's work or gaming environment given how comfortable it is for the price. While it usually goes for $349 through Ewin Racing's site, it's currently available for $289 at the time this is written.

Ewin Racing's Champion Series chair is available in multiple colors and can be viewed here along with Ewin Racing's full catalogue of PC gaming chairs.

A review unit was provided by Ewin Racing.