Facebook Gaming Launches PAC-MAN COMMUNITY

Facebook Gaming and Bandai Namco have officially launched PAC-MAN COMMUNITY, a new take on the arcade classic. PAC-MAN COMMUNITY takes the classic gameplay and adds some interesting modern day concepts. The Facebook Instant game is playable with up to three friends, working together to complete mazes, while also competing for the highest score. In the game's Watch mode, viewers can see streamers playing the game, and pick sides in what Facebook is calling an "interactive PAC-MAN watch party." There is also an option to play with a Streamer, where viewers can jump right into a game with the push of a button. Last but not least, a Maze Creator tool allows players the ability to create their own maps.

A trailer for PAC-MAN COMMUNITY can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY looks like a bold way to reinvent the arcade classic, while sticking to the gameplay that has made PAC-MAN so enduring. The mix between co-op and competitive sounds somewhat similar to Super Mario 3D World, and it could provide a lot of fun for those less interested in the streaming aspect of the game. It's also free to play, and can be accessed from a number of devices without a download. Of course, players that are less interested in these modern elements can also get an old-school experience, as the original arcade game is offered as part of PAC-MAN COMMUNITY.

It will be interesting to see whether PAC-MAN COMMUNITY will be able to find a following! Over the years, Bandai Namco has found a number of interesting ways to keep the classic formula fresh, and PAC-MAN COMMUNITY looks like a unique way to continue that trend. Facebook is already pitching the game as a "bridge to the metaverse," and there are big plans to expand the game's offerings throughout next year. It certainly seems like PAC-MAN COMMUNITY will play a big role in Facebook's future plans!


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