Fall Guys Player Creates the Perfect LEGO Concept

A Fall Guys LEGO concept has been created for the LEGO Ideas program to show that the blobby jellybean people of the new hit game look just as good when they’re turned into blocks instead. The LEGO concept created by a user who goes by The Real Ashnflash looks to make a Fall Guys LEGO set a reality by turning the game’s playable courses into construction kits for players to build. This concept has already passed two milestones in the LEGO Ideas program on its way to a more formal review process to gauge its potential.

The idea behind the Fall Guys LEGO concept is that it combines different elements from the game’s various race courses into a set that builders can rearrange to essentially make their own course. We see things like the propellers from the Whirlygig level and the fake doors from Door Dash that players would normally have to jump over or through. A video from the creator shows the various parts broken apart and how they each work as well as how they can be pieced together to create one big course.

Over on Twitter, the creator shared the concept and looked for support from the official Fall Guys Twitter account. The idea got the support it was looking for with nearly 20,000 people showing their appreciation for the idea.

Ashnflash’s concept doesn’t have as much support on the actual LEGO Ideas page just yet, but it’s on its way. The way the program works is concepts are presented to the public by their creators where people can then show their support for them in a petition-like format. The goal is to get 10,000 people on board with the project at which point it’ll be reviewed by someone involved with the LEGO Ideas program to see if it’d be a smart fit for an actual product.

At the time of publishing, the concept currently has 2,669 supporters. That's a ways off from the 10,000 it needs, but it’s still got 605 days to achieve its goal. Different milestones reached along the way extend the time that it is up for consideration on the LEGO Ideas site.