Fall Guys Rewards Will Be Easier to Earn in Season 2

Fall Guys players who had to really put time and work into Season 1's battle pass-like system can expect an easier grind to the max rank in Season 2. While this means that more players will likely be hitting the max rank than they did during Season 1, it also means that everyone who works through the Fame system's tiers will have an easier time getting their rewards. How this change will be implemented hasn't been confirmed yet, but it won't be long until we have an answer to that question since Fall Guys Season 2 is starting quite soon.

Joe Walsh, the lead game designer working on Fall Guys, responded to players in a Reddit thread who were discussing the game after the Season 2 start date of October 8th was announced. Some Redditors were talking about how the grind to level 40 "became a real slog" at certain points and that they weren't sure if they'd be motivated to reach the max rank again in Season 2. Walsh responded to the frustrations with the battle pass system and said the thinking within the Mediatonic team was initially that they were worried players would max out the season grind too quickly. While some players certainly did manage to do that, Walsh said fewer players had completed the pass than the developer would've liked.

"Hearing the community loud and clear on this one," Walsh said. "Initially we were really worried about everyone maxing out the Fame Season super early but less players have completed it than we'd like! Expect an easier ride to 40 in S2!"

The easier grind for Season 2 is something to look forward to, but for those who are still working towards Level 40 in the current season's pass, you've got a while longer to do so with a little extra help from Mediatonic. The developer announced alongside the Season 2 start date that it'd be giving out double the Fame points for players until the new season starts which means that if you're close to Level 40 or some reward you've been eyeing, now's the time to hop into Fall Guys.


Crowns will also be more plentiful from the Season 2 pass, so from that news and the latest info about a simplified progression system, the next pass sounds like a much more agreeable one.