Fall Guys Season 2 Start Date Announced

We've known since August that Fall Guys Season 2 would be coming some time in October, and thanks to Mediatonic's announcement from Friday, we now have an exact release date for the next season. Season 2 will begin on October 8th, a date confirmed via the game's Twitter account that announced that and a limited-time bonus for Fall Guys players in the time between now and when the next season starts.

The announcement below gave us the latest details on Fall Guys Season 2 along with a preview of some of the skins we've already seen confirmed for the next season. There will be witches and wizards and dragons and plenty more to fit into the medieval theme being taken on in Season 2 with more levels and other features accompanying the season as well.

Fall Guys players still have time to enjoy Season 1 before Season 2 ends in a couple of days, and during that time, players can look forward to getting some extra rewards from their games. It was confirmed in the announcement that the fame points being given out to players after their matches would be doubled before Season 2 begins. Those are the points that push players from one level of the season pass system to the next, so if you haven't quite reached Level 40 yet and still lack some of the rewards, you can get to where you want to be twice as quickly from now until the end of the season.

Some of those features planned for Season 2 have already been teased from the same Twitter account with more previews expected to come before the season actually releases. We've seen talks of nameplates and extra Crowns being given out to players during the second season as well as some feature geared towards the more competitive players.

We've seen some of the levels previewed for Season 2, but how they all work remains to be seen. New mechanics like being able to push building block-like objects around to navigate obstacles are being introduced, and different traps await players to try and knock them off their course.


Fall Guys Season 2 is scheduled to launch on October 8th.